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Food for Thought


Food for Thought
Prais Him

He was nailed to that cross,
Just for you and me.
He bled and he bled,
So we could be free.
Now lift your hands toward heaven,
And give Him praise,
You got to praise Him and praise Him,
For all He did.
That blood has special powers,
It took me out of sin.
It brought me from the depths of hell,
Now he's my best friend.
I walk and talk with Jesus,
I do it every day.
He can take that devil,
away, away, away.  
Praise Him,
Lift your hands amd praise Him.
Praise Him,
Give Him thanks and praise Him.
He is coming to get his children,
Coming to get us soon.
I hope you saved and born again,
So you can go too.
We'll go up to Heaven,
On the the streets of gold,
Jus lift your hands toward heaven ,
And let the Holy Ghost have control.
Well thats my story,
That all i got to say.
All I can do,
Is hope you'll come pray.
Come running to the alter,
With your heart open to him,
He'll fill you with His spirit,
Again and again.

By:  Calvin Guyer